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SSMI ASIA TV Episode 5: An Interview with an SSMI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from Vietnam

SSMI Asia Television is a product of Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute Asia ( and this Youtube channel is dedicated to promoting the goodness of Organizational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma practices in the region. You will be able to enjoy insightful discussions conducted by our host Aroshi Munasinghe with various Industry Professionals, Practitioners and Subject matter experts on the use of Organizational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma in their domains to derive multiple insights including how to overcome unique form of challenges & best practices.

In our fifth episode, we feature Nguyen Thanh Hai, CMBB - Vice President Vietnam, Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute Asia, who explains the use of Lean Six Sigma in developing Vietnam and key challenges with Aroshi Munasighe, Vice President, Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute Asia.

Given below is an excerpt of the conversation between Thanh Hai and Aroshi.

Aroshi (Q1): How about Lean Six Sigma in Vietnam?

Thanh Hai: You know, now, Vietnam economy is developing rapidly. It not only brings opportunities for Vietnamese companies, but also, it brings more challenging items & more competitors. So, reducing loss and saving cost is the most common KPI, they have to reach. And Vietnamese people have now realized that Lean Six Sigma Methodology is the best way to solve their problems.

Aroshi (Q2): Please, would you like to share your personal Lean Six Sigma journey?

Thanh Hai: Yeah, so I have been working with Lean Six Sigma for more than Seven years, and also, I have led many Lean Six Sigma projects with more than USD 90,000 savings. And I have a dream to bring Lean Six Sigma to more and more Vietnamese people to help their organizations. So that’s why, I started my own organization, a Lean Six Sigma Training & Consulting company.

Aroshi (Q3): Hai, what are the key learnings that you have learnt over the years?

Thanh Hai: Yes, in my opinion, the key thing that I learnt over the years is to get best results, you have to have a very good implementation, as well as, people competency to solve the problems and have sustainable results. So, before you do any improvements, you have to make sure basic conditions are being installed and resolved.

Aroshi (Q4): What are the challenges when applying Lean Six Sigma in Vietnam?

Thanh Hai: I think the most challenge when we apply Lean Six Sigma in Vietnam is building people competencies. You have to make sure people have enough competencies by training, coaching and following-up to help them to face their obstacles and get results. In addition, you have to make sure to try to simplify, as much as possible, to communicate and empower them in any improvement activities.


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