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PickMe (Digital Mobility Solutions Private Limited) engages SSMI Asia for their Lean Six Sigma Journ

By now, most of Sri Lankans are already familiar with PickMe, the Lankan taxi hailing app. The name is almost synonymous with ‘taxi’ in Colombo suburbs. Starting off back in 2015 as a simple app, they’ve certainly grown much more than just a hot startup. As a company like PickMe expand, its always important to find innovative ways to keep growing and keep getting better. Recently, PickMe started their journey towards Lean Six Sigma implementation and engaged Six Sigma Management Institute Asia (SSMI Asia) to support their efforts. Here's what the PickMe management have to say about their experience: To know more about SSMI's Consultancy services related to Organizational Excellence do reach

A Baby Boomer inspiring Generations X & Y! Meet Rex Fernando, the 60 years young Student!

Education is always a continuous experience. But for the most part, it's something where we pretty much spend our first 20 odd years crossing that academic education hurdle. From 1st grade mathematics, to a postgraduate qualification, it's a ladder a lot of us climb (or at least try to). Social norm dictates that you get a degree, get a job, get paid well and move on with your life. Then, you retire and live the rest of life in peace. But what if it simply isn't enough? What if you moved on with your life, but the hunger for knowledge still remains? Meet Rex Fernando, a man who believes in lifelong learning. 60 years young, still hungry for knowledge Back in the 1970's, Rex Fernando had just